Corals for the first time!

Hi! Corals for the first time!
It was very scary and amazing! Every time I am amazed that nature is so beautiful.


It was scary because all the way we were told how dangerous it is to approach the corals, that they are very sharp. And when I put on the mask, I saw that the corals were right under my feet!


We were on the excursion for about 5 hours, sailing in the open sea on a huge 4-storey yacht. Dined at the restaurant with delicious fish and shrimp.

The feeling of sailing in the open sea is simply beyond words! This is just wonderful! Probably Egypt is a wonderful country for life and excursions!

photo_2021-06-28_22-38-49 (2).jpg
I was with a child, and I was worried that she would get tired or bored with her. But everything was so fast and great! We had no time to get bored. So if you are in Egypt - be sure to sail into the open sea to look at the stunning beauty!

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