Do you remember your nightmares? - A horror dream from a half-remembered night (English/spanish)

It's difficult to remember our dreams once we are awake, even though they seem so vivid and real when we have them. Some other times once we wake up we completely forget them, or as time passes by once we wake up, we forget more and more details. For this reason, two years ago I started a dream journal where I would write everything I could remember from my dreams as soon as I woke up.

I stopped doing that after a while because I started to have a tighter agenda in the mornings, so I used to tell myself "you'll do it later", and once I had time to do it, I realized I didn't remember much of it.

For that reason, I wanted to write it here, both because of the simplicity of just opening a submit a post tab and because I want it to stay on the blockchain where I can read it at any time and I won't loose that file if something happens to my cellphone. It was a dream full of angst, horror and stress, but I loved the fact that right after I woke up I remembered pretty much every detail.

I dreamt that I was staying kidnapped in a safe house with two more women. The kidnapper was a very tall, robust, bald man with his long and strong limbs and raw facial features, like a big jaw, strong chin and protruding eyes and cheekbones. If you watched Gerald's game you'll know what kind of man I'm talking about; in this movie, the one they call moonlight man is a tall man with acromegaly, a condition in the pituitary gland where the subject produces too much growth hormone, resulting in very large hands, face and feet.


Out of the three girls who were kidnapped, one of us was already dead and the other one, called Esmeralda, was just fine and she was awkwardly calm and suspectingly chill... it struck me later that she had developed Stockholm syndrome and fell in love with the kidnapper, so she believed he wouldn't hurt her so she wasn't at all scared.

You know how dreams are, you are in one place, you open a door and then you are in a completely unrelated site, so I'll try to be as clear and logical as possible but there's only so much logic you can follow within a dream.

At one moment of the dream, Esmeralda and I were eating food when the kidnapper entered the room. We ran towards the bathroom to hide and when the giant man followed us and opened the door, Esmeralda began to distract him by giving him a very passional kiss with the intent of making him not hear me and notice I was there, because we believed he would hurt me but she was convinced he wouldn't hurt her. He wasn't able to see, he was blind, but he had an incredibly good ear. Once I started to backpedal to get away from the couple kissing to avoid being smelled by him, I realized I was wearing clogs (the shoes that I wear when I dance Flamenco, they are very loud and they are supposed to facilitate a loud kind of dance when you hit the floor) and I was making a lot of noise. Obvioulsy, the kidnapper noticed me and in the blink of an eye he started to walk towards me. I retaliated more and my shoes made even more noise. Once he had me cornered and subyugated against the shower's wall I grabbed a small blade similar to those that men use to shave themselves and started to push it against his head and his right shoulder. I made small cuts on him but I was able to see through his injuries how the nerves protruded.


When the giant man fell unconcious in the bathroom floor, I ran away towards a landline phone I could see in a hallway far away in the upper floor. I began to dial my parents number so I could tell them I was kidnapped and I realized Esmeralda was laying down next to his recently found love and she was crying, thinking he was already dead. I was finally able to contact my parents, and five minutes later they were already there to pick me up - the house I was kidnapped in had no concrete walls, there were only enormous windows dividing the rooms and the outside wall, so you could see pretty much everything in the house, in the garden and the pool - that's all I can remember about the house.


When I saw my parents I realized they were not alone, there were other family members who sat down right next to the pool in some chairs and garden table. I hung out with them for a while, swimming and having calm conversations because I thought the giant man was already dead and I was out of danger. But 10 minutes later I saw him walking down the stairs and he was suffering from a tic in the fingers of the right hand, consequence of me cutting his nerves when he was trying to kill me back in the bathroom. It was on that moment that I shouted at my parents telling them we should run. My mom said that in order to avoid beeing seen by him and to be able to escape and reach the car, we must pass through a small pond, then dive into the pit of the pool to go below the house, cross a door and then reach a third and last pool, get out and run towards the car.

Once I got out of the pool, I ran to the car but the giant man saw me. I got in the car with my family as fast as I could. The car was a small minibus or van, I remember that clearly. We jumped in the car and I was with my two brothers (who don't even exist in real life) and we got away.


I turned my head one last time to see the house where I was kept kidnapped and I saw the giant man hop in a Jeep to start following us. We took one of the bigger and faster streets to try and miss him but, for no reason at all, he was able to follow us perfectly and when I turned my head again, he was right behind us... and that's when I woke up.

¿Se acuerdan de sus sueños?

Es difícil acordarnos de nuestros sueños o muchas veces cuando nos despertamos, lo tenemos fresco, y a la hora se nos olvida por completo o algunos detalles. Por esta razón hace dos años, los días que me acordaba de mis sueños los escribía en una libreta que me regalo una amiga.

Después de un tiempo lo deje de hacer porque tenia cosas que hacer en la mañana y me decía a mí misma -al rato lo escribes- y en el momento en el que lo quería hacerlo, me daba cuenta de que no recordaba muchas cosas. Por esta razón, hoy lo quise escribir en hive, fue un sueño angustiaste y terrorífico, pero me encanto despertarme y acordarme de todos los detalles.

Soñé que estaba en una casa secuestrada con dos mujeres más, por un hombre muy alto, robusto, pelon y con las extremidades del cuerpo y facciones muy grandes, como la nariz, mentón y brazos. (Si vieron la película de el “juego de Gerald”, era como el hombre al que le llamaban -moonlight man-, un personaje muy alto que mide alrededor de 2,15 metros y tiene un síndrome llamado acromegalia, que es un trastorno que se manifiesta en la glándula pituitaria y produce mucha hormona del crecimiento, causando mayor agrandamiento del rostro, manos y pies).


De las tres chavas que estábamos secuentradas, incluyéndome a mi, a una ya la había matado y la otra, llamada Esmeralda no le había hecho nada y ella no tenía temor de que lo hiciera daño porque se había enamorado del secuestrador y viceversa.

Hubo un momento del sueño en el que nos encontrábamos en una mesa comiendo con Esmeralda y entraba el secuestrador, Esmeralda y yo corríamos al baño a escondernos y cuando el hombre gigante, abría la puerta del baño, Esmeralda lo distraía besándolo, para que no me escuchara y supiera que estaba ahí. Él no podia ver, era ciego pero tenia muy buena audición. Cuando me hacía para atrás porque estaba muy cerca de ellos y también podría olerme, sonaban los suecos que traía puestos y en un segundo el hombre gigante comenzaba a caminar hacía mi, al irme haciendo hacia atrás, comenzaron a sonar más mis zapatos y cuando ya me tenía sometida en la pared de la regadera, con una navaja muy pequeña, como las que tienen los rastrillos, se la comenzaba a enterrar, en la cabeza y el hombro, eran heridas muy pequeñas, pero en ellas se podían ver hilos blancos que eran los nervios.


Cuando el hombre gigante caía inconsciente en la regadera, corría en dirección hacia un teléfono que veía en una mesa ubicada en uno de los pasillos de la casa en la planta de arriba. Mientras le marcaba a mis papás para decirles que estaba secuestrada, veía como Esmeralda se acostaba llorando al lado de él, pensando que ya estaba muerto. Cuando logre que mis papás contestaron el celular, a los cinco minutos ya estaban llegando por mi. -En la casa en la que me tenían secuestraba, no había paredes, estaba hecha de puros ventanales en los que se podía ver hacía afuera y en el jardín había una alberca- es lo único que recuerdo.


Pero no solo llegaron mis papás, también llegaron más familiares y se sentaron en una mesa que estaba al lado de la alberca. Me quede un rato con ellos nadando y platicando tranquila porque pensaba que el hombre gigante ya había muerto y a los 10 minutos, lo vi bajando las escaleras con un tic en los dedos de la mano como consecuencia por los nervios que le había cortado cuando me tenía sometida en la regadera para matarme. En ese momento les grite a mis papás para que huyéramos y mi mamá, me dijo que para que no nos viera y pudiéramos llegar al coche, pasáramos por un chapoteadero, después nos aventuramos a la fosa (una alberca muy profunda), pasando por abajo de una puerta y al llegar a la tercera alberca y última, saliéramos y corriéramos hacia el coche.

Cuando salí de la última alberca, corrí hacia el coche y en ese momento el hombre gigante me vio. Me subí con mi familia lo más rápido que pudimos a una camioneta combi azul junto a mis dos hermanos (que en la vida real no existen) y nos fuimos.


Cuando voltee por última vez a la casa en donde me habían secuestrado, vi que el hombre gigante se subió a una camioneta jeep y nos comenzó a perseguir, en ese momento tomamos periférico (que es una via rapida) y nos fuimos a una calle que daba hacia la derecha para que nos perdiera de vista, pero por obra de arte, se dio cuenta hacia donde nos fuimos y justo cuando estaba atrás de nosotros, me desperté.

The picture don't belong to me, I took them from imdb from the movie "Geralt's game" and the house and van are just internet pictures I used to give an example of how my dream was.