Self control: an underrated insight

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The topic,self control over some time I've seen people taking it lightly as some shit 😂 but it has been one of the factors affecting our communities as a whole. Self-control can't be overemphasized, we always define self control as having control over emotions,thought,willpower and the rest, that's actually good but come to think of it in this aspect... Self control is not all about control,it can also be "balance"... Now let me explain what I mean by balance, being able to balance your thoughts,emotions,willpower etc. Now, if the balancing aspect had been in place right from the onset,most of our communities would have been better because most people have just the mindset of "it must just be me, and me alone"... I've heard people making that statement regularly and that's one of the thing that has been affecting the society because if everyone can discard that principle and work hand in hand, everything will go on smoothly. So like I said earlier, self control isn't just about the control,its about balancing your thoughts and emotions towards others, this way, our standard of living will be on a high rate... Do have a beautiful Wednesday

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