Wednesday Walk - Through The Indian Roads.

My recent vacation is all about some fantastic time spent on hill Station. There were many things to explore, however during this trip which is almost a kind of road trip. We spent maximum time on the road, driving through Highway to Jungle - Street, even we enjoyed Foggy Drive in this season.

While getting back to home, I took some pictures of the Indian Roads. Especially overloaded carriage trucks whizzing past our vehicle.


These kind of overloaded vehicle is common sighting when you were Drive through the national highway, which join different Indian cities. They seems to carrying stuffs more than their limit. Completelly packed and then some extra baggage from all side.


When these vehicle get pastbyour vehicle, it give a moment of scare. Being an open road they do not hesitate to overtake. They do not any speed limit and most probably driving g at high as 100kmph. The scaring part is that if they lose balance then eventually, it is the other vehicle who get most suffering like us.


They zoom every vehicle at a high speed. Give a goosebumps to all good driver on the highway. That is why driving of national highway is ways risky. You need to be more careful of other vehicle then your driving. The truck zoom pass our vehicle.


And soon it was getting distant from our eyes. However the beauty of nature did give us best shot. The open sky and a clear weather does make our driving more beautiful than anything.


Keeping of track of that overloaded vehicle is not possible as soon it disappear from our eyes. We saw it getting lost on the long road.


But not to worry, as we have many such sighting when we were on the road. Not only these kind of trucks but many other overloaded vehicle. We have similar vehicle again following us.


This is my experince from early morning Drive through the busy roads, which is known as GT Road. However before hitting this road, we went pass some hilly areas have lot of fog, making our trip a memorable journey. Anyhow, I will keep posting about my journey more and more.

But this is how my wednesday morning spent on the road. Even I am feeling sleepy as I am writing this. It was long g journey of more than 400km and we enjoyed every bit of it.


Hope you all like the other aspect of Incredible India. And make sure you need to be more careful while driving on Indian roads.


Namaste @steemflow

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