Sketch of Splinterlands Monster || Art by @sshila

Hello Everyone,

How is everyone? Hope everybody is doing well. I believe art is an art through which artists can express their thoughts. I love to do Monster Hut almost all the time now. We also do different kinds of art when I think I do that art. Today I took a picture of a serpent that looks like half a snake, half a human. You will support my art. I will try to share regular art with you from now on. I am analyzing how I have done each step of my art here. I hope you will have no difficulty in understanding. Finally, I would like to thank @splinterlands for organizing such a contest. Here different creative people will be able to express their creativity and win interesting prizes along with it. I hope I can give you a place if you help.



  • Pencil
  • Graphite Pencil
  • Color Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sketchbook

Here are some steps of this art :

The first theory for doing art is to lighten the whole part with a pencil. Then if there is any mistake then fix it then draw with a pencil. Here I have first made the upper part eight so that it is to my advantage to make the remaining parts art.



Then I made the lower part art. And I drew the lines with a pencil well with everything I needed to design to go. Then I planned how to paint.


Then I started painting and I have to paint very carefully so I started from one pass. You and I used Tia color to give different colors of clothes. I will use this color on the JJ part of the body part where I first painted it.



Then I completed the whole art with the rest of the color then lightly rubbed with tissue for color commissioning. This is how my favorite art was made.


Final Steps:




The contest that arranges Splinterlands . I want to request to my all friends for participating in this contest

Here is these contests link.
Thank you. Hope you like my art.

Best Regards

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