The medieval parade in my city! ^_^

Hello hivers, an happy Tuesday to you all! I'm here today to share with you some pics I took in the afternoon of Sunday, after I came back at home from some hours spent in the cool air inside a forest close to my city.

Sunday was the July 25th and every year in this day in my city we celebrate the day of the patron San Jacopo (Saint James) with some events around. In "normal time" during this day there were a lot of different events all aroud in the city and a lot of tourists came here to see them, but cause the covid-nightmare this year (and the past year) the municipality gave jus few (but so beautiful) events for the citizens. One of the main events is a beautiful parade where people in medieval costums walk along the streets of the city. I'm very lucky, cause I can see the parade just opening the door of my house and so, on Sunday, when I heard the sound of the drums in the street close to home, I took my camera and these are the results:







I hope you appreciated this sort of "back in the past". ^_^
Stay safe and see ya soon,

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