Hello from my lazy little helper!

I wrote before today was a lazy Sunday for the Beneforti's family and now I'm here to show you that it was a lazy day also for my little furry helper Richy:


The winter is just around the corner and the cold weather is coming, so Richy seems to prefer to stay quiet on his (many) beds inside our home.
He loves to stay on warm blanket or close to me on the sofa (just after the dinner, when I use to sit there to watch the tv).

Even if is not so young, during these days looks full of energy while he's searching the right bed where to sleep, also inside the lab. He doesn't like to jump up on the different furnitures and every time he tries to do it everything fall down, so he prefer to stay always "close" to the floor, like in thepic I added here and that I took just a couple of hours ago!

Well, now he's waiting me on the sofa, good night to everyone and see ya tomorrow!


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