A NOT so nice Christmas present!

We feel cheated!

Hello Hoomans, here's another blog from us. Last Christmas Eve we wanted to know what our earnings were for the past year. We know very well that we didn't wove as much as we would have liked to. But that was for other reasons. Our Lady boss was often busy with other things, and because of that the PC was not available to us as often. But Lady-boss assured us that our micro-earnings would continue anyway. That's what she had wove for, she kept saying. We believe our Lady-boss on her Woof of course. If we can't trust her, who can we trust?

Trust is the most important thing in the world

And for us dogs, trust is the most important thing in the world. We can be trusted, we always live up to our Woof, and we expect the Hoomans to do the same. He who woves well, meets well, right?

2017-12-19 15-03-13 - 0018.jpg

What have we wooft?

All right, Myla was sitting nicely in front of the Christmas tree, looking straight at our Lady-boss. “Lady-boss log in to our Hive account! What have we wooft now?” Of course we know that Lady-boss can't resist Myla's staring gaze and it showed again. We won and Lady-boss logged into our account. Exciting!

What's wrong?

Full of expectation we looked at Lady-boss, and suddenly we heard her say “What the woof!” That doesn't woof well, and is not something we hear her say very often. Lana slammed her paw on Lady-boss's leg in an impatient response. And I, Skipper, groaned loudly. "Say it Lady boss." But Lady-boss didn't say anything to us, she suddenly said to the boss, “Now this is strange! Funds have been moved from the shepherd-stories account which I didn't do”.

We could tell from the tone of her voice that it was not right. “What is it now!” I barked very loudly. "Skipper shut up!" said Lady-boss impatiently. Hmmm, I lay down again, but I kept an eye on her. Something wasn't right. I saw that much!

Our funds disappeared, STOLEN!

And then Lady-boss told me what was going on. So it turned out that funds had disappeared from our account! How can we ever save for our vet bills and for our food if people cheat on us? Disappointed, we looked at Lady-boss and timidly asked how much was missing.

Lady-boss reassured us and said it wasn't that much, it was about 7 hive in total, that's not much, she said. But it was TOO much for us. We are doing so much our best. We try to do so well, and then we get so screwed up by bad Hoomans! Not only that, but we felt really disappointed in the people, so this wasn't a fun Christmas Eve for us.

Lady-boss passed it on to @hivewatchers, but still wanted to know where it could have come from. And today she checked out our old account on STEEMIT, and there she saw that the mess is coming from STEEMIT.

We are angry

Now we are a bit angry with Lady-boss, she has failed to change the account keys of our account, and so the angry people who started on Steemit a month ago with emptying our account there got a chance to also remove our Hive funds.
You should know that we have not used our Steemit account for 1 year. And you can see in the screenshot that activity on our account suddenly started a month ago. It wasn't us, it wasn't our Lady-boss either!

steemit account shepherdstories screenshot 2021-12-27 151920.jpg

What the WOOF???

When we were looking into this further we suddenly saw that [18 days ago a blog was written by the hackers in which they are so rude to ask for funds for an operation on a dog.](https://steemit.com/dog/ @shepherd-stories/need-support-for-my-charlie-surgery)
WARNING: Link goes to steemit!

Screenshot 2021-12-27 153850.jpg

That's not US, doesn't even look like us!

And not for one thing or another, but we think it's an ugly dog ​​too. Sorry! It's OUR SHEPHERD-STORIES account, not a pitbull's! We, Myla, Lana and Skipper, just hate bulldogs! We consider ourselves much prettier. Now we know that people don't always feel the same way. But still, keep your pitbull paws off our account!

Now that we have a picture… and we have an account name, which we think must be the hacker!

AHIMADRI... (lady-boss told us not to tag him). So neither do we. But this account has done a lot with the shepherd-stories account. You can see that when you look in steemworld.

Screenshot 2021-12-27 154243.jpg

Now What?

We, the shepherds Myla, Lana and Skipper, report that we feel very cheated by the hoomans. We are very disappointed. And even though we stopped using Steemit, we won't start using that now either, because Steemit is not safe, we have never said that someone could touch our account. And certainly no other dog, woof woof!

Can we find the hacker?

However, we do have a request for you here on Hive, if there are still people who have never changed their keys since moving from Steemit to Hive, DO IT NOW! And with all this evidence that bad hoomans are coming from Steemit to Hive to steal our funds, is there any way to find these hackers?

In the name of all dogs on Hive, and their owners, we ask to pay attention!

Woof well on your funds, woof well for the safety of your account, and woof it safe!

All the best for 2022 from us!


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