Winter Is Here

Hello everyone! 😎

We survived the first winter storm. It started yesterday morning, first with rapid cooling and wind, and immediately after that, it started to snow. The wind and snow stopped this afternoon. We got through well. All the winter services did their job pretty well, so there was no disaster.

The weather forecast for the weekend says it will warm up, start raining and all the snow will disappear from the valleys. We'll see.

Here are some photos of the storm as I saw it. I was mostly in a warm room :) 😎 except for the drive to work and back home.

Yesterday morning when I was coming to work, it was very windy, so the snow was freezing on the car. Due to the bad weather forecast, the winter service was already sprinkling salt on the roads at night, so it was passable.


❄️ 😎 ❄️

A shoe print in the snow as I stepped out of the car. Snow fell and quickly sticking to the surface. Well, there was about one centimeter, at seven in the morning.


❄️ 😎 ❄️

Snowstorm through the window. Typical winter weather for Postojna :)


❄️ 😎 ❄️

Temperature minus 3 degrees Celsius, gusts of wind up to 60 km / h, very poor visibility outside, around 8 o'clock in the morning.


❄️ 😎 ❄️

Yesterday, view through the window at home, around 4 p.m. About 20 cm of snow has fallen and the children are already outside and sledding.


❄️ 😎 ❄️

Then it snowed all night, and this afternoon, after work, I went to look at my mother to help her clean up. A good 40 cm of snow fell.


❄️ 😎 ❄️

The first days of winter and everything is already white and covered with snow.


❄️ 😎 ❄️

I could say that it's a winter idyll, but I won't, it's still necessary to clear the snow from the yard, and my older son and I did it :)


Well, we’ll be looking for a winter idyll over the weekend, in the woods.

❄️ 😎 ❄️

Stay Healthy!
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