Свети Никола (Saint Nicholas)

Saint Nicholas is considered the patron saint of children, learned people, merchants, sailors, travelers in general. 🤗

In the past, all Christian ships had an icon of Saint Nicholas, and he was especially celebrated along the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas, where it was customary not to set sail on that day, and ships anchored offshore and continued sailing the next day.
Also, he is the patron of many cities and ports

This is one story about this saint..

Near the parents' house of St. Nikola, once upon a time there lived a rich man, who lost his royal service and lost all his possessions.

He had three daughters who were beautiful, but he could not marry them, so he decided to trade their beauty and youth so that he could earn something.

Saint Nicholas somehow found out about this decision of the unscrupulous father, so he took a bag and filled it with ducats, wrapped it in cloth and secretly slipped the ducats through the window.

When the father realized that he had enough money to marry one of his daughters, he did so, but then the same thing happened a second time, and even a third time. When he was putting money through the chimney for his youngest daughter, a neighbor caught up with him and recognized Nikola.

Nikola swore him to keep quiet about that event, but his father spread the story throughout the village. That's how Nikola became a friend of the poor. 😊

The Serbian Orthodox Church celebrated on December 6-th according to the old calendar, and on December 19-th according to the new calendar. 🙂
Hope you like it 😄

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