5 Hive Questions With Samostically - Video Compilation And Summary Of The Interviews In November

From "Hive changed my life" by @nonsowrites to "Hive is where your voice can be heard" by @dreemsteem to "Hive encourages passion" by @starstrings01 down to "How you can earn on hive" by @Clixmoney.

The video above shows a 10+ minutes compilation of the interviews I did in the month of November.


Below is the summary of the show so far


I started the show titled "5 Hive Questions With Samostically" in November and I wanted to be more than just a regular blogger,I wanted to explore the Blockchain, have fun and also learn from others,that is how the idea came from. I decided to start with people above 65+ reputation or 3 years active experience on the Blockchain.

What is the initiative all about?


What Have We Learnt So Far From Our Guests

If given all the resources, how do you add value to hive?

@dreemsteem explained that on hive we don't really need alot of resource to succeed, and she went on to explain her story on how she has done it. While @starstrings01 explained that if he has alot of resources, he would publicize Hive,he believes that hive needs publicity and he would do alot of that with the right resources. Just like starstrings, @nonsowrite believes he would start up alot of projects with the right funds. My last guest @Clixmoney explained how he would use the resources to fund his community @dcooperation.

What do you think about Auto-Votes, Are They Being Misused?

@Nonsowrites explained that auto-vote is a tool that can be used for many reasons,he said a good relationship with the curator can earn you as an author an automatic voting on your posts. So he believes that it is not wrong but should be re-evaluated from time to time.
@Clixmoney said he used the tool for a long time but stopped for manual curation as it is better that way. He explained that it is being misused by many as you see some post with alot of votes and little comments. He further analyses the situation by comparing top users from other social mediums who come to hive from large following. He believes they need to curate manually than automatically.

Talk About The projects you are working on?

@starstrings talked about learning from @theterminal and his relationship with the @aliento team in building the @newbies-hive which is aimed to helping newcomers om hive. While @clixmoney talked about @dcooperation community that supports collaborations on hive and the use of #dcc tags. @dreemsteem explained how the @dreemport works! Telling us how unique it is and what the projects tends to offer.

Experience In Onboarding Hivers, And Challenges?

@nonsowrites tells us that the Blockchain is so complicated and not straightforward so its difficult for the newcomers to get frustrated, he explained further that he has had only one successful Hiver and it took alot from him. @starstrings01 buttressed his points by saying many people he brings end up leaving but says he looks for passion now before onboarding.
@dreemsteem slowly explains why she doesn't onboarded, in her words;

Onboarding is not my strength, I wait for the to get it,make a post and then I go to their blog and say Hello and show them the way.

She is indeed a guardian angel to many.

There are alot more to learn from them as they took their time to explain and answer my questions on the show.


Firstly, I want to say a big thank to you for always watching and re-blogging.

We have had a total number of 103+ Views in 4 Episodes!!!

Secondly, I want to say a big thank you to the @singhcapital team for curating an episode. Also @eddiespino and other @threespeak curators. Your support has helped encourage this show,30% of the HBD went to the featured guests and your support has helped attract publicity to the show.

Lastly, The month of November wouldn't have been possible without my GUESTS

Thank You @nonsowrites , @dreemsteem ,@starstrings01 & @clixmoney

Moving Forward...

I have had alot of people interested in answering questions about their hive journey which gladens my heart. I will be looking to air more episodes.


It will be till next year January, as the festive period would be busy for me and I also have to prepare to travel back home. I can't guarantee consistency, so I will just wait and resume next year. I hope you all will still be waiting and supporting me till then.

God Bless You, See You Next Time!

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