When The Billows Rise

At a point in your life, challenges as fierce as billows may rise but just as a way of reminder, you do not have a choice of if challenges will come because of a surety, they will come. What you have a choice is how you will respond to them. It is worthy to note that the calm waters is never a true test of a true sailor but the billowed sea. This is why you have to expect and get ready to accept challenges as they come.

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When soldiers go to battle, they do not wait till the day of battle before they prepare. If they do so, they would already be in for massive losses. To get success, you need to prepare and give yourself adequate preparation to welcome the challenges on the way to success, just the same way a soldier will have to prepare way long before a battle rises.

Success, more often than not, is not conferred, neither is it gifted but it is earned through work and most times, the work will be done through intense challenges. It is almost not possible to emerge as a winner without passing through challenges.

If you have ever watched football competitions, you will understand the need for riding through challenges. The championship title is only gotten after a team have beaten their opponent in finals. No matter the fierceness of the competition, if a team gets discouraged and dropped back, they will lose the title.

A good sailor is not discouraged when the billows rise, he only needs to figure out ways to ride through it because he had already prepared for it. That is how good sailors are made. Warriors are not made in their backyards but in the war front. However, for them to be made by the war front, they have to be made for the war front. The success of your life is heavily dependent on your preparedness to take on challenges.

Remember this; challenges do not disappear by running or hiding away from them but they can only be overcome be standing to challenge them. The fiercer the challenge confronting you, the bigger the success in view. This is why, when you compare the exam you wrote in your nursery school days and the exam you wrote in your final year university, you will agree with me that the university final year exam is tougher because your degree is a bigger success than the nursery school result.

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In the presence of challenges, just have one thing in mind: it is overcome-able and you can overcome it. With this in mind, the energy to attack it will be made available and success will be birthed by that move.

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