Daily Acts Of Kindness

Your acts of kindness is one of the things that give definition to your humanity. Kindness is not what you do once in a blue moon, rather it should be part of your life. As each day passes, the question you should ask yourself is "has anyone benefited from my kindness today?". If no one has benefited, then you should do it.

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I remember what a friend once told me. He said that for each day, if no one tells him "thank you", he will not be fulfilled. Not because he wants the "thank you" but because it is a proof that he has done something right and has shown kindness to people. A day without showing goodness is a day that has not fulfilled the demands of humanity. Remember this; humanity comes first.

Doing good and showing kindness is not an act that you reserve for just a selected few. The truth is; if you are only kind to those that are kind to you, then your kindness is questionable. No doubt, you should be kind to the people that are kind to you but much more than that, your kindness should extend to all or it will not be fully qualified as kindness. When you are kind because you expect kindness to be reciprocated back to you, then it is "business" not kindness.

The joy of kindness is the selflessness attached to it. There is an inner joy that comes when you show kindness to someone that cannot pay you back and you put smile in their faces. That is what our humanity requires from us. Instead of being part of the cruelty in the world, try to make a difference by bringing in goodness and kindness.

When there is a thick darkness, for example, the only thing that will make a difference is by introducing light no matter how small. In the same way, the cruelty in the world is already likened to thick darkness and the light you can bring in is your act of kindness. Truly, everyone will want kindness to be done to them (including you) but in your own part, how often do you show kindness to others?

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A higher level of self-awakening comes, not by seeking for what life will offer to you but by seeking for what you will offer that will make life better for others and the world at large. In the end, posterity will not remember the kindness you received but the ones you offered to humanity.

If after you have been long gone and absolutely no one feels your absence, then your presence was almost not necessary because you did not create an impart. Showing kindness is not a function of what you have but it is a function of what comes from the heart. You do not need to own the galaxies to show kindness. Right from where you are, there is something you can do that will qualify as kindness.

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