Creating Values Within Yourself

It is a known fact that what someone places value on is what they will care for and they will also work to make such things better. In the same way, if you place value on yourself, you will put in works to create a better version of yourself. The value you express on the outside is a function of the value your create within. For you to add value to others, your own life must be valuable to you.

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Obviously, someone can only give from the part of what they have. Similarly, creating of value begins from within because that is what defines how you will create value to your world. You will be surprised how information now rules the world. There are things that neither answer to force nor to subtlety but by applying knowledge.

If you want to get a giant door opened, do you force the door open by your muscles or do you get the keys and apply it to open the door? You see, the key is valuable to opening of the door. In the same way, the person that possesses knowledge possesses the key to certain doors and that is what increases the person's value.

People may not like your face, they may not even like your skin colour, but if you possess something that they need, they will have no other choice than to seek and engage your help - because they know you will add value once you come. The world is taking a new trend that only people of solutions are the people heavily sought out for.

Once you stop creating values or stop solving the problems of the world, your net worth tends to drop, but when you create value, your overall value will increase. Do you know why the creator of Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) has remained among the top spot? Well, very simple; because of the value he is creating within the world of social media.

If no one seeks after you, before you start blaming your village people, ask yourself what value you have been adding. If you have not added any value or you are unsure of the answer, then you already have your answer with you. You are not gifted with relevance, you earn relevance by adding value.

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Many people may be age mates or even class mates but in the long run, what will differentiate them is the level of value they have created. Remember this; it is in providing solutions to problems that your overall value increases.

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