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Hello Everyone,

My name is Samirah Sabrina. I'm a 19 years old girl. I'm from Bangaldesh. I studies at Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), Bsc in Engineering at American International University of Bangladesh ( AIUB). I live in Pallabi, Dhaka.


Here I live with my parents. I have an elder Sister and a younger Brother. My elder sister is 24 years old and she is a student of East West University. My Brother is 12 years old and he is a student of Banaphool Adibashi Green Heart School.


I was a student of Shahid Anwar Girls High School. I spent my twelve years of school life in this school. Those school days were the best part of my life I have gathered a lot of memories with my friends. During this time I have learnt a lot of things about life though I'm not enough matured then. I often thought that when we grow up we will enjoy our life more but now I realise that the carefree life which I enjoyed during my childhood will never be back in adulthood. Life becomes harder when we grow up.


For me life is not a competition I just wanna improve myself by working hard. I have so many dreams I wanna make my parents proud of me,I wanna help the poors, I wanna do something for them. I always cherished these dreams from my early childhood and now it becomes a life goal. Besides I have some hobbies such as: Gaming, drawing, Coin Collecting.


I am very enthusiastic about singing. I love to sing songs. I can sing songs in Bangla, Hindi, English & Urdu. Whenever I become sad I sing songs which help me to heal my pains. I also love listening musics. I have interest in cooking. I am a fun loving girl whenever I'm with my friends I try to entertain them by telling funny stuffs. I love playing video games, cards & badminton.


I am very co-operative to my family & friends. Whenever a new challenge comes into my life I face it with courage even if it seems impossible to me. I'm a self-abnegating person. I often being appreciated for this kind of personality. My friends as well as my parents adore me for being a kind hearted person. I wanna be a self- dependent person & also an entrepreneur. I am interested in programming.


I'm not an egoistic person. I know that patience and hard work are the key to success that's why I'm very focused on my work & studies. I'm a active person. I always take parts in sports & extra-curricular activites. I gathered a lot prizes in inter school debate competition, singing & sports.

My intention on working in this social site is to share my experiences, works & sagacities. As I'm a student & wanna be a self dependent person so I need to earn money for taking my own responsibilities & by sharing my stuffs I can earn some profit on #Hive as they give rewards for unique stuffs. So I try my best to work hard on these kinds of stuffs & become a great Hive user.


So guys wish me a good luck. As I'm a beginner so I need your advices & supports for growing up as a women Newbie. Keep supporting me. Be aware of Corona virus and please Stay Home!

Thanks for Stopping by,

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