What is the role of "downvote" tool in PoB mechanism of Hive Blockchain? Answering in Quora.


The short answer is redistribution(or fair distribution)

Long answer:

There is a reward pool in Hive Blockchain that follows an inflationary model to pay the content creators. The inflationary model allows the new tokens to be created to pay the content creators & curators. The user publishes a piece of content, known as an author. There is a voting system that empowers the users of the community to apply their knowledge to determine which one is good content and accordingly determine the value of that content by voting. The voters are called curators. This mechanism, all put together is known as Proof-of-Brain(PoB).


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The voting worth of a curator is further governed by the stake-based mechanism, which is known as Hive Power(HP). So the influence to curate a piece of content is directly proportional to the amount of the Hive Power(HP).

Unlike centralized social media where a moderator keeps on moderating the content, here the users of the Hive community perform that role and the content is curated by the users. So the users of this community are the moderators.

So now imagine in such a PoB mechanism, if the PoB will only be governed by upvote tool which is influenced directly by HP, then the bad actors can easily abuse such a system and a content-centric decentralized social platform will end up with more downsides than upside. Because such a system may lead to more abuse than rewarding a true author. Hence there is a downvote tool accompanied by a community guideline.

The downvote tool also empowers the users to downvote a content and there is a separate free downvote pool which depletes 4 times faster than the upvote pool and once the downvote power exhausts, it then consumes the upvote power. For example with 100% weight if upvote pool depletes at the rate of 2%, then downvote pool depletes at the rate of 8%.

In the community guidelines, there is a defined criterion, which kind of content should be downvoted. For example-

  • Spam, plagiarism
  • Hate Speech
  • Fraud
  • Miscateriozed content
  • Disagreement with the rewards

Social media discourse of the Hive community using PoB mechanism

Reward Pool

There is a reward pool that follows an inflationary model to mint new tokens.

Of the total reward pool, 65% of the budget is given to the content creators and curators. The content creators and the curators share the payout in the ratio of 50/50. The payout matures at the end of 7 days.

1st Stage- Distribution(Using upvote)

Being a tokenized social media platform, monetary motivation is obvious for a common user. That is not a bad thing either. The good actors will use that monetary motivation to produce quality content. However, the bad actors will also try to reap the rewards by abusing the system as much as they can.

So when content is created, the users(both good and bad actors) will upvote the content to exercise their right to value that content(using HP).

So the reward pool is fixed, that is not going to change whether 100 people upvotes or 1000 people upvotes. But the distribution is always dependent on how many people are exercising Proof-of-Brain.


In the first stage, the distribution happens by upvoting; both good actors and bad actors distribute the rewards using their knowledge and influence power.

2nd Stage- Redistribution(Using downvote)

In the second stage, it follows redistribution using the downvote power. This stage is even more important than the distribution stage.

At this stage, the user has community guidelines to downvote content and a free separate downvote pool.

  • Since the downvote pool is free(25% of the upvote pool), the user is not worried about the monetary implication, hence more encouraged to downvote bad content.
  • Since there is a guideline it will be easy to identify which content to be downvoted.


Again the reward pool is fixed. But the distribution may vary. So in the second stage, all the bad actor's rewards are squared off by the good actors using the downvote tool. In doing so the PoB further strengthens the ecosystem of a content-centric platform where the content discovery gets better and the reward goes to the good actors.

Therefore downvote tool has a bigger role to play in PoB for a fair distribution(or redistribution) of the rewards to the good actors in the Hive community. So the downvote tools act as "check & balance" in PoB.

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