Benefits of Robotic Coding Training


The benefits of robotics and coding education are possible by encouraging children to code. We don't need to be programming or computer users to write code. Children can learn to code by having fun with coding programs. It is possible to improve yourself, inspire your children and have fun with coding.


Robotics, learn by building
Over 21,000 enrolled! Open career opportunities and have fun learning electronics focused on building robots/automation!

Robotics and Coding training enables us to develop learning and innovation skills, creativity and innovation skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills, communication and collaboration skills.

Robotic coding is not just the coding of the given material. Creating a product that works with the materials at hand is also included in the creativity part of robotic coding. It is aimed to gain creativity by first dreaming, designing the product and making it work by coding.

We may encounter problems and errors in the product extraction process, such as the coded product not working, the error in the codes, the problem in the product design. In this situation, it is easier for children to overcome problems with the problem-solving skills they acquire and develop. By integrating this acquired skill into their lives, it is ensured that they can produce solutions in the face of the problems they face.

When it comes to robotic coding, the definition of programming to make a robot, which comes to mind for children, gains the ability to move and direct mechanical devices by coding electronic circuits.

Following the work and the project started and the responsibility of the project until they make the product work gives children the ability to take responsibility.

Although robotics and coding education are obviously effective in acquiring creativity, problem solving and responsibility skills in children, they are not limited to these. It is aimed that children will gain information literacy by making research, self-direction by making a product with their own independent ideas and creativity, critical thinking in right and wrong, collaborative working skills with group studies and projects.

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