Beautiful orchid flowers

Hello Hivers

How are you all my friends who are here, on this occasion I will try to share some pictures of orchids that happen to be blooming beautifully right now, here are some of the best results I have

One stalk is filled with this very beautiful orchid flower, the light purple color contained in the flower is really very interesting to look at like a gem produced by nature, its beauty can hypnotize anyone who sees it closely, but because I only rely on my cellphone for taking pictures, I can't get a picture of the inside of this flower

This is a type of orchid Dendrobium which is a type of orchid that is easy to care for, and in my yard, this type of orchid is the most among the orchids other

In some of my posts, I have often shared pictures of the orchids that I have, but I never get tired of seeing their beauty, and I also hope you like them, but for now, only these orchids are blooming, dozens of species. the other orchids are still in the stage of full bloom, and when the time comes, I'll be sure to share them with all of you

I am not a flower lover, but I just admire their beauty, especially in my house there are hundreds of types of plants that I see every day, even now, I can't count how many types of flowers my mother has.

Well, for this time I think that's all I can share, I hope you like it and see you soon

Note; all pictures were taken with a smartphone camera and edited with picsart

Thank You🙏

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