Lighting up the sky

These are re-edits from a shoot back in 2013 when the Emley Moor Transmitter in yorkshire was lit up to mark the start of the 2013 Tour De France, which started in Yorkshire.


With me not having any shoots for 3 months, I've stratching round the old hard drives having a little clean up and re-edit of old stuff, so this ones well ready for it.


The transmitter - now known as The Arqiva Tower is the tallest freestanding building in the UK, standing at over 1000ft tall and is easily seen all over west and south Yorkshire. Transmitting tv and radio signals to all Yorkshire and partly the Manchester area.


The mast was illuminated over several nights as the Tour De France was in Yorkshire, and hasnt been lit up since..


Lit up in various colours, with lasers and ground based lights, it had a light and laser show.


Work is currently taking place on the main mast which will see it get a little smaller as the antenna on the top of the mast is being replaced.