Here we go again!!! At Last!!

15 weeks between turning my camera off, and back on.. It felt like an eternity.

But, thank fully we're back shooting, with models... I know theres other stuff that I can take images of, but stuff like landscape just doesnt really float my boat...

So.. a week off work, and 3 shoots done... I've even got one of them fully editing and shipped off, which is brilliant by my standards! - It usually takes me a good while to complete a set..

I contacted a newish model to the local scene and we had an initial quick shoot around a large shopping center.


I enjoy working with new faces as well as the good old ones... It's good to keep things fresh and help build peoples portfolios.. Amy started modelling inbetween uk lockdown v1 and v2... so she's not been able to get that many shoots in.. Which, for me is decent..


A new face and new location - although the centres security wasnt too keen on us shooting there and we were moved on.. So we went to a place I know well...


I've shot down here a number of time, although this time the area was busy - we shot during the weekn and the workers were working in the scrapyards - although, for some reason they did get distracted??


I'm suddenly back loving my hobby again... It's amazing what a few good shoots can do for you..