My son got diagnosed having aplastic anemia. This is his story #3.

Dear friends, family, and HIVE community,

My name is Remenzer. I come from Sabah, a Dusun people. In this post, I want to share the story about my eldest child, my son, Ray Einstein. He is diagnosed having aplastic anemia since November 2020, where his bone marrow fails to produce blood cells in sufficient numbers.

Ray Einstein 5 years old with his Dusun's Traditional Sigar (hat)

Ray is born on January 26th, in year 2012. He is 9 years old now. I can tell he is a smart kid. He likes to do a lot of readings and he knows a lot of things better than I am at his current age. I still remember he begged me to buy him the Minecraft Bedrock from google playstore, which I already granted 3 years ago. He is the one who make me fall in love with the game. We have so much fun together playing on the same world in minecraft. He make me happy in a lot of things, when he diagnosed having aplastic anemia, it hit me really hard. I am in a lot of depression but I always fight it for him and stay strong. There are a lot of time where I blame myself for what happen. To be honest, I am afraid that I will lost him because of this decease, and I am emotionally unstable almost everyday. The battle within me is real. I struggles to stay positive and stay strong.

There were several tests that had been done prior to transplant to ensure he can tolerate the procedure which were includes test on his heart, lung, kidneys, eyes, abdomen, hearing, and a dental exam. I feel so grateful because all of this tests should only be finish on middle of May 2021, but, by the time I write this post, all of the tests already had been carried out in February. Ray admitted on February 1st to do all the exams and tests, and discharged on February 19th. 2021. We have one week to rest at home before we go back again to the be hospitalize for the BMT procedure that start on March 1st.

Before we go back to the capital hospital wad, both of us need to be tested for covid-19 twice. February 24th and 26th.

This is where we take our first covid-19 test. February 24th.

After the test done, we both walk on foot to the local town. 15 minutes walk. Exercise is good for both of us right? That's not the main reason tho. Hard to explain.

In this picture, Ray is tested for covid-19, and me next. Second test on February 26th. On the same day, Ray also tested for full blood count (FBC). The result is not good. His haemoglobin count is 6.6 and his platelet is 2.0, which is critically low. Because of that, Ray hospitalized for blood transfusion.

Ray receives 1 pint irradiated red blood and 4 packets of irradiated platelets transfusion in the local hospital.He will be admitted here for 3 days.

We will be send by ambulance on March 1st to the capital hospital. At the beginning of the BMT procedure, he will receive central venous line (CVL), which will be inserted into the large vein leading to his heart. His younger brother, Rez's cell stem will be transfuse via this line.

We are so grateful because Ray's younger brother, Rez has good result on HLA typing tests. My biggest pray and hope is that Rez's cell stem will be enough in numbers and will have no issue when entering Ray's bone marrow and eventually produce healthy and sufficient numbers of blood. And most importantly, it will save and cure Ray.

This is Rez. This picture taken on Februari 19th, during the discharge day from the capital hospital last week.

also, Rez the litle hero.

Rez Einzer is my third child. He is born on December 28th,in the year 2015. He is 5 years and two months old now. He will donor his cell stem to his elder brother, Ray. Although he only homeschooling last year, I am proud of him because he already can read and write. He got helping hand in the house. He give me glass of water even I don't ask for it and I love it.

This is video of Rez feeding drinking water to his sister Rein

My morning glory face after finish write down on papers and typing using phone all the name of good people who donate HIVE & HD, and votes my last post . Good morning from here, and thank you so much.

Thank you so much for reading. I am sorry if you found a lot of English grammar mistake.


Ray send regards and thank you.

Donators :
Thank you for donating your HIVE and HIVEDOLLAR to Ray. I look forward to withdraw it for Ray. I still can't figure it out how to withdraw it tho.
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@tommyl33 ask me to use 150 HIVE that he donated to increase my HP. Some of the HD donation I mistakenly convert to HIVE and some HIVE was used to increase my HP. After learning that, those converted HIVE and HD took a loong time to power down and make withdrawal, I will not do the same mistake again. Sorry, I have no idea what I have done.

Thank you very much for a total of 369 Voters
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