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A little bit about hypnosis

It is the thalamus that decides what is shared with the unconscious in the mind. The unconscious traps far more complex and large amounts of data in seconds than anything consciously thought of. Responsible for purposeful conscious behavior. It acts as a kind of filter for various stimuli coming into the body. In this way, concentration can be achieved. The thalamus has functions of reducing, amplifying, and not transmitting stimuli. Insignificant stimuli are reduced in the filter, while important ones are increased, thereby ensuring concentration.
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Through hypnosis, previously learned and recorded information can be accessed. The person can be taken back to childhood. The person under hypnosis can be given instructions and advice. With these instructions and recommendations, some behaviors (such as not smoking, not eating pastry) can be gained. However, actions that are not compatible with the person's self, such as killing another person, cannot be performed with hypnosis.

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