Game contest!! CLASH ROYALE!!! PvP game


Hi guys ... here we are is the first Clash Royale PvP tournament!
A true 1 vs 1 to designate a podium of three people who will be rewarded with half the reward that this post will receive divided into 50% for the first place, 30% for the second place and 20% for the third place ... but each participant will be rewarded thanks to the daily votes that I will give to all subscribers.


The rules for participating in all the games that I will organize are always the same and are as follows:

1. Vote for the post

2. Leave a comment on the post with your results in good time

3. Delegate 10 Hives to this profile which will allow you to participate in the games and increase the voting power

4. Each participant will be entitled to one vote per day from this profile! (post with content)

5. The final prize, which will be 50% of the proceeds from the post in question, will be divided among the top three finishers on the fourth day of the tournament deadline.

- The second rule, in this case, is to comment with your Hive name associated with that of Clash Royale to better organize the games in the app and to receive any prizes.


  • After following the rules above just download the game if you don't have it yet at these links:


Google Play:


- Download the game join the Clan "PvPcontest_HIVE" if you have difficulty finding the Clan by name you can use the tag # L9GYYQOU.

Istantanea schermo 2021-09-20 (13.31.54).png

  • Once in the Clan we will do some friendly matches 1VS1 but which will be valid for the tournament
  • They will be elimination matches until we find the three strongest !!!

  1. The tournament will be managed by me.
  2. The first five days will be used to collect memberships and allow challengers to join the clan.
  3. On the sixth and seventh days I will put the names of who will have to challenge, remember that it is an elimination tournament until the podium is achieved.
  4. The matches will take place in the week of validity of this post, after the post the tournament will be declared closed and the prizes will be sent four days after the conclusion.

For any doubt or uncertainty please write to me in the comments to improve the format!
I await your adhesions and I wait for you within the Clan to start this new contest!

See you next challenge!

The photos are screenshots taken from the game I own.

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