Shopping in The Morning Market

It feels normal to go to the market again. The Jembrana market, where I go to every day at in the morning for quick shopping has turned back to its normal condition. During the pandemic, you could hardly find any buyers or sellers. The market looks more lively today.

Once arrived in the market, we went to the cake seller first, whose name was Ms. Komang. We put our buns to sell there. (We make buns to sell in almost everyday.)

Next, we went to the to the chicken floss seller. We bought about 0.6 USD for a small plastic bag. Our kids like chicken floss for breakfast. That's why we went there first.

We got chicken floss. Checked. Next, we went to buy vegetables. "What vegetables should we cook today?" is a difficult question that popped everyday that we have to tackle.

We bought some corns. Seven corns for 0.4 USD. (Corn soup is a good idea to cook). We also got some water spinach which costed us about 0.35 for four bunches of it.

We passed the vegetables seller to go to the Tempeh and Tofu seller. For tempeh we paid 0.8 USD for only one piece. The tofu was sold for 0.4 USD per plastic consisting of 3 little pieces or cut.

Next, we went to the spices seller. We only what we need for that day, that is tomatoes and chilies. We got those for about 0.3 USD.

For the last stop, we got to the flower sellers. There were several flower sellers around. People buy the flowers to make offerings they use to pray to their ancestor or God. For a plastic of mixed flowers we paid about 0.5 USD.

And, that's it. We did our shopping. We still looked around for two more minutes, just window shopping. We usually bought some prawn cakes or some sweet for drinking tea or coffee in the morning, but not always.

That's our #marketfriday adventure post, thanks to @dswigle for this great post idea.

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