Music A to Z Challenge #J

Hi everyone!

Music A to Z Challenge is here!

  • Each day one alphabet letter, 2 Bands or Singer, one song of each Band or Singer.
  • Your feelings about Bands or Singers.
  • Link to the songs.

I will post YouTube link to musics that may not be able in your country, please follow the link in the song name, sorry for that!

This is my challenge, use the hastag #a-zmusic and participate!



Here is a Band the for sure will be part of my music choices!
The English rock band from Manchester is actually on my top 3 of favorite Bands.
From James I could choose easily a couple of songs but I choose maybe one of my top 3 songs ever, Sit Down.


Janis Joplin

If I choose Any Winehouse in A you understand Janis Joplin now.
I don't have memories of Janis Joplin but I have a kind of crunch with her :)
What a crazy girl! :)
Here is my choice from Janis Joplin, Mercedes Benz.

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Join us!


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