Ecency Weekly Points Contest No.4

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Ecency Weekly Points Contest No.4

Pro Contest is a "Contest" based Profile. Where Available different type of Token and Point Contest. We think this is best way to increase Competition Atmosphere. This week focus on Ecency Point Contest.

Contest Rules

  1. You Must use
  2. You must Follow @procontest
  3. 40% to 70% Upvote this Contest Post(compulsory).
  4. Reblog this post.
  5. Make a comment and you can write your Upvote Percentage(compulsory).

Extra Knowledge

  • Prize Declared in 7 days.
  • Total 3 Winner Every Week.
  • After announcement post prize amount automatic transfer to winner account.


1st Prize : 150 Points
2st Prize : 100 Points
3st Prize : 50 Points

  • Post on or Ecency App.
  • Use Ecency Points and Promote your post and earn HIVE.


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