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I can't believe this is my third Fall in Ukraine and I still feel I came here yesterday. LOL Nah it's not like that but still, I feel new foreigner here though I know little Russian words and understand the weather. My fall memories are awesome, when I first came I was astonished by seeing the beauty of Fall nature. Last fall, 2019, my family visited me here and we celebrated fall together. I was so happy honestly speaking and had spent the best moments of my life.

I am grateful and I will say this every single day. Because I have got many opportunities to do something for myself which many people don't get. I am privileged and I can live my life however I want. Not glamourous, not high class but a way better comparing to others that's why I am grateful.



You can see Fall is almost here and it just started. But maple leaves are already turning into yellow so why not I just start taking pictures right? It's time to display of gold or crimson leaves and time to celebrate the beauty of colorful weather. A strong cold breeze is already blowing here so the temperature is cool and calm though sometimes I can feel the vibes of winter as well. So cozy clothes are mandatory somehow. Already fresh green colors are faded and turned into greenish-yellow. Will be fully orange and golden soon during October.


This bright yellow leaf just blows away my mind and told me to take a conceptual picture representing the first week of Fall. Just look at its bright color, I am sure you couldn't resist yourself to take a picture if you find it at your place.



I rarely see a bird nowadays, they might have already migrated and went to warm areas. I don't know but I have noticed the disperse rays of the sun, they are very soft and glowy. Moreover, those soft sun rays make the entire environment glorious. If you are sad or if your mood is off, I am sure your mind will be full of joy and happiness after a long walk in this Fall weather.

You will find another reason to live for another day...


My unconscious mind stopped imagination, somehow it is trying to find dispersed feelings that are continuously driven inside me.

I am feeling nostalgic, imagining kinda sepia or black and white moments of my childhood. Most of my friends are disconnected from me, I have forgotten many names, visions are unclear but still, I can hear those giggling sounds of my mates and can visualize the hopscotch game drawn on a rustic floor...




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