The Last Videoconference. By Leonardo Da Coronavinci.

«-From Saturday of Glory to Resurrection Sunday-»

Reverse emigration:

Imagine for a moment that the coronavirus spreads throughout Europe in an uncontrolled way. While on the African continent, due to the climatic conditions, it has no incidence.

Terrified, European families would hysterically escape the disease on their way to the African border. They would try to cross the sea through the strait. They would launch themselves in precarious boats from the Greek islands and the Turkish coast. Chased by the shadow of a new deadly plague, they would try to save themselves. Urged by need.

But upon reaching the African coast, the same fences they erected, the same violent controls they established and the most impregnable borders would reverse the stopping power.

North African law enforcement then would shoot mercilessly at Westerners while yelling at them:
¡Go home, leave us alone, we don't want your disease, your misery and your need!

If the scriptwriters wanted to increase cruelty in this story. They would allow that some Europeans, guided by the extortion gangs, actually reach African destinations. And once there, they would lock them up in inhospitable quarantines, where they would be stripped of their belongings, their affections, and their dignity.

To all those who lately have hoarded in the supermarkets with that hysteria and have now the pantry full of pasta, canned food and preserves. All those who are desperately looking for disinfectant gel, who are fighting for the last toilet paper roll or who are looking for a way to get out of the area of contagion for a few weeks... I hope that they do not return to judge the people who flee from the war and the hunger never again.

"Keep humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature"

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