My precious Family drawings 😍

Hi hivers! How are all doing? Trust you guys are keeping it cool, as for me I'm good as well, therefore today I'm bringing to you guys my drawings


The first drawing is about a girl whose smile can move mountains, each time I remember about her, it brought joy to me, it was so disturbing that I decided to vent it out, and it's exactly as she smiled 😍.


Thereafter, this particular sketching is no other person than my Dad, his smile is good too and can easily convince customers with that smile, he is so loving and caring and today I'm bringing him to the hive people to know how amazing he is. ❀️


Mum is the very one I can not do without, she's always there for me each time I called to her and her smile is one in a million, she's as beautiful as ever🀱😍😍❀️