Experimenting with repetition photography

On this occasion, for my participation in the photo quest carried out by @Qurator with the theme of repetition, I present some photographs showing this photographic style.

Lapices cremallera.jpg

Natural photography 7.png

As a cover image I decided to take a few shots of a group of colored pencils, resembling a zipper and thereby showing the repetition in a clear and creative way.

Natural photography 7.png

DSCN5622 - copia.jpg

RSCN5646 - copia.jpg

DSCN5642 - copia.jpg


Natural photography 7.png

These are some of the examples that I obtained walking the streets of my city, such as blocks and bricks of a wall, a balla and a window with silk-screened glass, we can observe identical patterns in each of the photographs presented.

Natural photography 7.png



Natural photography 7.png

Finally, there are these last examples, it is a coating that they add to the houses to prevent moisture from causing too much damage to the constructions, you can see the repetition, both in the parallel lines and in the captured windows, the patterns are very noticeable.

Natural photography 7.png

Images of my authorship, taken with Nikon Coolpix L340

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