Introducing myself on Hive


I'm here writing because a friend of mine explained me what this community is. It caught immediately my attention and I loved the idea of participating and today I've decided to start posting. đŸ™‚

I'm a nature lover and passionate by its beauty. The sensations generated by nature are infinite.


We could not exist without her, without all its resources and elements, deprived of everything that makes it so wonderful, beautiful and dangerous. As rational beings, it is up to us to make the required effort so that everything that it offers us continues to exist in the most original conditions possible, so that it continues to be a source of resources and beauty, so that other living beings can subsist next to us in the multifaceted planet we live on.

I really love and makes me especially happy exhaling pure, fresh air, listen to the calm sounds of nature, and walking on a smooth trail covered with pine needles or dried leaves.

I live in the Pyrenees mountains and I hope you'll enjoy my pictures basically related with the nature of my region.


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