Halloween Ghost Pops

Time for a bit of Halloween nostalgia. When I was a young lad, oh so many years ago, I loved trick-or-treating. It was super fun to get together with my friends, or when I was really young have my mom or dad take me around. There was always one lady in the neighborhood who handed out Halloween Ghost pops.

These Halloween Ghost pops were simple, just tissue paper wrapped around Tootsie roll or blow pops. But Those are always my favorite treats to get. It was something unique and different.

Of course, I also loved going to the house that gave out full-sized Hershey bars! I vowed when I got older to be the cool guy in the neighborhood who gave out big candy bars, lol.

So let me show you how to make this super fun Halloween ghost pops. They are incredibly easy to make and perfect to hand out at Halloween or you could make them for a party or something. Let’s get started!


  • 20 blow pops or tootsie roll pops
  • String - I use a little thicker nylon black string, but you can use white, or other colors, ribbon, etc.
  • Tissues
  • Wiggly eyes - Optional, you may need glue for these as well.
  • Sticker eyes - if you can find these, that would be an option as well


  • Sharpie
  • Scissors


Wrap the pop with tissue. Place the pop in the middle and fold it over. You may use one or two tissues.

Tie a piece of string about 6 inches around the base of the pop to hold the tissue in place.

Spread out the tissue on the bottom so it looks like it is flowing.

Draw on the eyes and the mouth with a sharpie. Or use stickers or glue on jiggly eyes. Then the Halloween ghost pops are done. Enjoy!

Find the FULL recipe here on my website.

Watch the video tutorial here:

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