Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This homemade grilled cheese sandwich recipe is spot on. It is the perfect sandwich to go with a bowl of yummy easy homemade tomato soup.

If you grew up in the United States chances are you have eaten a few or many grilled cheese sandwiches in your day. Did you know that the grilled cheese sandwich is one of the most, if not the most popular sandwich in the US? I can see why, they are simple to make, tasty, and require very few ingredients.

I have fond memories eating these while growing up. Back then two slices of white wonder bread, some butter, but usually margarine because it was cheaper, and a slice of American cheese made up our sandwiches. Oh the memories.

It is hard to claim you have the best grilled cheese out there because there are so many variations that you can do with it, but this grilled cheese sandwich recipe will put you on the right track and in my mind it is perfect. If I can do it, you can do it. Let’s get started!


  • 2 slices bread Use your favorite bread, white, whole wheat, sour dough, etc.
  • 1 slice cheese Use enough to fill the bread. Cheddar, American, Colby, Jack, etc.
  • 1 tbsp butter, margarine, mayonnaise, etc. (15g) Or a few tsp. of olive oil in the pan.


Add a nonstick skillet or cast iron pan to the stovetop burner and set the heat to medium. Or use a griddle and set it to 350 F/176 C.

Now take two slices of bread and spread some butter on one side of each slice. Or use mayo, margarine, or a butter substitute.

Slice the cheese as thin as you want, or use presliced cheese.

Now place one slice, buttered side down, in the pan. Then add enough cheese to cover the slice of bread. Place the other slice buttered side up.

Cook the bread for a few minutes until golden brown on that side. Then flip it over with a spatula, and cook the other side until golden brown and the cheese melts.

Remove the sandwich and allow it to cool for a few minutes before serving. Eat it by itself, with some chips, or my favorite bowl of tomato soup. Enjoy!

You may print the FULL recipe here on my website.

Watch the video tutorial here:

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