Making soup of medicinal leaves and their health values.

Hello Hiveians

Often times I used a combination of two or more medicinal leaves to make soup or just add them to the family dishes. Each time you eat, it adds one or more it adds one or more medicinal values that keeps you healthy. For this I have a mixture of these leaves.

Scent leaves

Scent leaves (clove basil) is used to solve indigestion problems, fevers, scent leaves tea also help with respiratory problems and stoke where you can drink the extracted liquid to help with proper flow of blood While

Bitter leaf

Bitter leaves relives feverish conditions. Constant consumption of bitter leaves reduced feverish conditions and if you find it difficult to drink the bitter extracted water, you can turn it to a healthy meal or soup.

African spinach

African spinach improves good eye sight and it also reduces digestive problems due to the presence of large moisture content and fiber while it also acts an anti ulcerative agent

This is how I prepared this soup of the combination of medicinal leaves.




To get this done I prepared all the basic ingredients of

  • African spinach
  • Bitter leaves
  • Melon seeds
  • seasoning
  • Hag and smoked fish
  • Onions and pepper
  • Clove basil.
  • Palm oil


The bitter leaves has to be washed with salt and water properly to reduce the concentrated bitter taste which I did repeatedly for 5times here, extracting the juice by squeezing with water and changing it.




Next I was lucky to own a manual blender that was used to grind the melon seed to powder here.



To prepare the soup, I first used palm oil to fry all the dry ingredients as the melon seed will give a nauseating feeling if not properly fried.



Next I added the pepper, fish and seasoning before letting in the vegetables.





For this soup I prefer adding just 2-3 leaves of the scent leaf just for the medicinal values not to taste or bring out heavy scent and other times I may decide to leave it out when its not available.
I also cherish having some garlic in my soup on some days instead of the scent leaf.

Note that, the African spinach should be per boiled and the discarded to prevent diarrhea that's results from improper cleaning of harvested vegetables from the farm.

This was the simple process I followed to prepare healthy soup of these medicinal leaves for the family. It can be eating with semovita, swallow or turning foods.

Thanks for checking out my blog.

Hope you are eating healthy?.

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