Diy of a high low top with lovely flowery chiffon fabric

Hello Hive

What can a yard of fabric sew for you
Most times its advisable to purchase two trouser length of any fabric such that it can be enough for anything you want to make.

What if you can't afford two trouser or yards and don't want to leave a fabric behind?.

That happens to me often, whenever I visit the market to buy stuff and sight a lovely fabric I will pick up the change from whatever I have left to get even if its a yard of this fabric.

A yard can only cut probably a top and sometimes its not enough to cut the sleeve but I find my way around it.

Watch me as I turn this single yard of fabric into a high low topb.



The neckline is 3.5inches width by 1inch and 5 depth at the back and front respectively.

A v neckline for the front




Its a lovely flowery chiffon fabric I sighted in the market.

Bias strip will be used to turn the necklines and a simple waist band to gather it to shape.
Stitching will be done in no time and you gonna see me model the flowery top. I hope I don't make a mistake putting this diy dress together 🤗🤔


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