Are you lacking inspiration for writing creativity or other activity? Seek to be inspired

Hello Hiveians

It is often good to attack every problem from the root in order to stop its constant reoccurrence as it is believed that the moth that eats a tree might be living just right beneath of under it.

This is a good approach I believe and can be applicable to every aspect of life.

Often times it is important that we check within and without to know the the reason why we are not productive in life.

Adjusting the nuts from every angle will be just a good start to restoring our intellectual and physical property.

Without inspiration the brain will be like an empty shell, though full of knowledge, we need some source of inspiration to know just what will mix or fit into another.

Environment places and people have a lot to input into our lives. A child who grows up in a lovely home will be inspired to write more love stories a reflection of what has been deposited inside of him.

Writers are readers and vice versa, out of the abundance of what you have read from different books you sit and meditate to bring up something outstanding from your well of understanding.

Attack this issue from the grassroots.

If you are living in an environment that adds no value to your life, learn to take a walk out, visit lovely places, travel enjoying the road and different people and culture. This will reset your mindset and you never know an inspiration to do, be creative and others will drop into your heart as you do so.

Take a look at this flower, I went round the market and saw different industrial made flowers, mimicking this and even doing it better I make my own flowers.


The environment is teaching me alot, as a fashion designer I go out each day taking shots from far and near of beautiful outfits I see on people, even on BBC news or a TV program I take pictures, I learn from others and seek ways to improve on myself.


I love the Ghanian looking Ankara fabrics and they style


While I Amos love the simplicity of this top style in a TV program. Seeking fashion inspiration from every angle.


Be inspired today
Be creative
And enjoy every moment in life.

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