A lovely blouse style inspiration

Hello Hiveians

Yesterday at the workshop we were able to complete this lovely blouse for a nursing mother.

Some adjustment has to be made like turning the zip from the back block to the front in order for a nursing mother to find some ease with breastfeeding when putting on this blouse.

A three step flair was included using the African print fabric for the first two step while a plain matching satin worked on the second step.






I also learnt how to use a Crinoline to get that beautiful standing effect on the peplum part of the blouse.
The creative mixture of lace material on the Ankara fabric made this blouse unique.

This will fit on any straight or panel skirt as desired.

And if you are in need of a style for an African print fabric here is one that can fit perfectly depending on how you decide to mix your other accessories into the design.

Thank you.

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