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Hello beautiful people! How are you doing? I hope you are fine. I want to ask you about existence for a while, do you question the universe more often? Why are we here? Our purpose? With the rising frequency level in the world, people experienced awareness. The curtain slowly lifts, the facts become visible.

To speak for myself, there have been incredible changes in me. The tinnitus started with clear vision. Since I realized from LOVE that we exist, I am not the old me. Have you also experienced changes, transformations or a different experience recently?


Below you will find a letter full of wisdom written by the world-renowned scientist, the genius of the century, Einstein, to his daughter Lieserl. I hope that all these lines that you will read will remind us of "love" as humanity, that we are already beings created out of love. Stay with love…


"Dear Lieserl

Few understood me when I explained the theory of relativity, and what I will write now to reach humanity is doomed to collide with misunderstanding and prejudice in this world.

I want you to protect the letters as long as necessary, until the community is at a level to accept what I am going to reveal now.

There is an extremely powerful force that science cannot explain. This power encompasses and rules everybody, even behind every phenomenon that makes the universe work, and it has not yet been identified by us.

This universal power is LOVE

While looking for a unified theory for the universe, scientists forgot the most powerful universal force that cannot be seen.

Love is light, enlightening those who receive and give it.
Love is gravity because it makes people feel attracted to each other.
Love is strength because it enhances the best in us and allows humanity not to be exhausted in their blind selfishness.
We live and die for love.
Love is God and God is love.

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