Belief of AbundancešŸ“Œ


Hello beautiful people! Whats up? I hope you're good. Almost everyone is after a money asset. This is a necessary explanation for the adjective life. Some may want a lot and settle for less. But everyone wants to live a life of abundance!

We all know that the biggest factor in bringing abundance is sharing! I really experienced the power of sharing myself. When it keeps the balance of giving and taking, all the beauties come to your door. But what could happen besides this?

In Turkish culture, people have adopted habits that they believe to bring abundance since ancient times. One of them is Brass, which represents abundance in many religions in a jar in the kitchen. In general, non-perishable legumes are preferred for the jar.

Someone I love gave me these tiny jars as a gift and I'm sure they will bring abundance and abundance to my home! Aren't they so cute even if they're ineffective? šŸ˜.


Are there such beliefs in your religion? These kinds of beliefs have always intrigued me. Not only fertility but many complementary medicine suggestions like health excite me. In general, I call these beliefs all the religions I dominate, but I wanted to write that maybe there are some things I don't know. I'm hungry for this! If any of you have such beliefs, I would like you to share them with me.

Stay with love for now!

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