Unemployment is a rampant term, especially in Nigeria and Africa in general. It simply means lack of jobs or career opportunities for citizens in a particular country.
Today we will be focusing on the unemployment rate in Nigeria, and the consequences it has on its citizens.


As a full fledged Nigerian, I can't say I am proud of my countries current situation economically, this is probably due to the current government in power, it has obviously failed to work on their so called propaganda and promises , instead they have made things much worse. from the violence in the north to the massacres in the south and east, this are all obvious results of unemployment. As they say, "AN IDLE MAN IS THE DEVILS WORKSHOP".
The perpetrators of all this violence, clearly youths, potential leaders of tomorrow, men and women of greatness being used by the corrupt government to cause chaos around the country, yet they pretend like nothing is happening.
For example during the presidential and governorship elections in Nigeria, we all witnessed, violence, snatching of ballot boxes, kidnapping and random killings around the country, the perpetrators of all this horrible crimes are young youths, both educated and and uneducated, they all engaged in all this treacherous activities due to idleness and unemployment.

The education system in the country isn't even helping out, as they are one of the prime factors to stop unemployment.
Educational facilities should engage students in more vocational and technical courses of study to reduce the weight on the government to create more job opportunities, students should be taught and made to engage in more practical aspects of their courses to broaden their horizons, giving them an opportunity to be self employed after tertiary education. This will definitely reduce the rate of unemployment in the country, but how will this be done?, when the government fails and keeps failing to invest financially in the educational system.

In the north, the region with the largest rate of unemployment in the country, but yet the holders and shakers of political power , how do you explain this?
It is obvious that the northern leaders use poverty, unemployment and illiteracy to tame its citizens, using them to grab power when they need it. Currently Holding the largest population in the country, it is quite an easy task for them to achieve.
In the 2018 presidential elections in Abuja, the federal capital territory, I remember witnessing delegates of different political parties sharing little amount of money to crowds, making them vote for their respective parties, taking the power of choice from the citizens.

in 2021 the unemployment rate in Nigeria is estimated to reach 32.5% this figure is projected to increase further in 2022. Unemployment rate in Nigeria rose constantly in the past years, in the forth quarter of 2020, over 33% of the labor force was unemployed According to the Nigerian methodology.





Due to the lack of regular and proper electric power supply in the country, this is the biggest cause of unemployment in the country.
They are lots of foreign companies that would and is willing to invest heavily in the country, this companies would have provided a lot of opportunities to Nigerians to reduce unemployment, but due to the lack of regular power supply they change directions to other neighboring countries with constant electric supply in other to prevent operating at lost.


Every year graduates of the different tertiary educational facilities graduate with little or nothing to contribute to the society.

according to the national bureau of statistics, more than 200,000 alumnae graduates from Nigeria tertiary institutions yearly, but only very little number of them secure jobs after years of graduation. The reason is because there are little facilities and I'll equipped lecturers/instructors who rendered poor services to the graduate when they were in their institutions.


This is another major problem, causing unemployment in the country, it's close to the problem of poor quality education.
Lack of engagement in vocational education, teaching students different skills in other to be self employed in the future.


Nigeria is said to be the 8th most corrupt country in the world, This is linked to the high unemployment rate, due to corruption the government spends less on the welfare of the citizens of the country.
When corruption is taken as a normal thing in the country, jobs meant for 3 to 4 persons are undertaken by just one person, and that one person collects all the benefits meant for all the three persons.

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