The Feeling Of Dejavu

Have you ever felt like you have seen something happen before?

Like have you felt like an act is reoccurring?

That is a feeling of Dejavu


Dejavu is a feeling or a common intuitive or a sensation that something you are experiencing is something you have already experienced.
What could be the cause of Dejavu?

Feeling stressed out could be a factor, and having a relaxed brain can also cause the dejavu feeling. How? When one is stressed out, the brain could be so tired that it starts rebooting past experiences to the present causing a dejavu feeling.

Also when you are relaxed, the brain becomes so calm and starts going through past experiences which also cause the feeling of dejavu.

  • Dejavu can be a fast life memory

  • It can mean being in the right place at the right time

  • It can also mean making progress in your spiritual life.

But all these are what some people want to believe of it. I am not saying they are wrong though.
One fact we should all know about this feeling is that: It might not be entirely true sometimes.

I asked someone if she had felt a dejavu feeling before and she was like "Anytime I have that feeling, I experience it again on that same day" it feels like she was seeing what would happen in the future but not far into the future though.

Well, I think dejavu feeling varies according to the persons having the feeling.

One good thing about dejavu feeling for every person who have such feelings "It is a sign of a healthy brain" Having the feeling of dejavu simply means your brain is functioning very well and you can assimilate easily too because when dejavu happens, your brain is fast checking on information you have had in you before. Your brain shows you that it keeps your experiences (memories) for you.

So with all that said, what is your contribution about the feeling of dejavu? How do you see it? Do you think it is superstitious also like some persons think?

I would love to learn something new about this feeling from you guys. Let's go to the comment section

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