Multiplication of hate

We sometimes wonder why some people hates us so much, without any reason for them to do so. Sometimes you wonder why some people choose to hate a whole tribe for just no reason. This hate may grow so strong that they may want to kill and even to eliminate the entire race.

This hate may have started from just one person. This one person recruit others to hate that person, and so the recruitment continues. Sometimes this recruitment go for generations. These perpetrators sometimes achieve this by formulating lies to create hate. Sometimes it's for political or religious agenda.

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This lies and hate may blossom and lead to the hate of an entire race, tribe, community or family. That they may be willing to wipe out an entire family, tribe or race. This is one of the cause of genocide and war sometimes.

We get it wrong when we allow some one recruit us to hating someone ,tribe or race without us having the first hand knowledge of the problem or how it started. Don't allow anyone recruit you to hating someone. Some times the recruitment could start with simple words like, " I don't like him" " He is too arrogant " " don't go to his house" " that tribe are cheats" " that race is wicked" . Our parents do this subconsciously by telling us not to marry from a particularly family, tribe or race.

We need more of forgiveness in the world. We should learn to forgive one another. We need to teach others and our children forgiveness and tolerance for one another. And stop stereotyping of people. Let make the world a peaceful place to live.

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