I have been always thinking about this topic for a long period of time and I can't really say that this is the exact Reason why people can't be ever satisfied or this is the reason why people can be satisfied. When we look at the rate at which people engage in their various businesses in the hope of making money and profit from any business they have set up, so for someone selling a certain type of goods for a period of time, when the person sees that the rate at which he or she is selling the goods are increasing the profit which the person is seeing will make him or her go for more things which can be added to the business which he is doing and so that he or she will be able to gain more profit than before.

So another thing which I observe is within peer groups there is so much things which are been done among them that anyone who doesn't have contentment will surely fall for it because there is always oppression within themselves showing the way they are and what they worth so with that scenerio I don't think a person can ever be satisfied with the current state at which he is seeing his other peer group showcasing what they have at hand and he will want to explore more and meet the standard of his other peer group because he is not satisfied.

Let me use another case as example, where a woman went to a wedding ceremony even without been invited and she even got to the place late almost time to start sharing food for people so she was served jollof rice just like other people so immediately she finished that she cleaned her mouth and was telling people that she hasn't eaten anything which she pretty knew that not all of the people that came has eaten but still she collected almost two round of semovita and when people noticed her, they didn't give her any attention again because she wasn't satisfied with what she got. So for people I don't think they can all be satisfied.

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