InkTober 2021: Day 6 - Spirit

Hi all!

Today, I share with you my new artwork for InkTober 2021 drawing challenge day 6 with the theme "Spirit" and I entitled this one Ghost Spirit.


I think this has been the most challenging theme for me so far. From generating an idea how exactly a spirit would look like to depicting it or translating it into visual form. Yeah, cause I think spirits are invisible and since they probably are, how then could one make them visible?

I've been scrapping, searching and gathering in order to come up with a viable idea but to no avail. Then I stumbled on these photos that inspired me to sketch this one.

The work depicts a ghost spirit with its head up and mouth wide open and black blood dropping as though as though it is going through a trauma. Its two hands are up and placed on an glass as though it wants to crawl up. Or should I say the day is trying to catch up with it?

The drawing was inspired by the photos I found here and here

My steps are below:




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