Bad Weather Day + Mämmi + Beer


Going home from taking the railway shots today. The stuff that fell from the sky wasn't entirely solid. It was a mixture of hail and rain.


Unsurprisingly, the cat saw it fit not to go out too much.


This is mämmi with cream. It's a traditional Easter dish made out of rye flour, water, powdered malted rye, seasoned salt and dried powdered Seville orange zest. Traditionally, the dark color is the result of baking it in the oven. There are many recipes leading to different grain sizes. This one is what I like best (Kymppi-Mämmi). It's quite fine-grained. Today's mämmi is made industrially and it's not quite the same as traditionally. For example, commercially produced mämmi contains much more sugar than the traditional fare. The color is the result of adding dark molasses.

The traditional Persian dessert samanu is resembles mämmi the main difference being that samanu is made out of wheat.

A well-known Iranian-Finnish stand up comedian whose family immigrated to Finland when he was a child mentioned samanu in one of his shows.


Had this on Saturday. It was very good. A lot of roasted malt and bit of chocoloate in the taste.

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