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So, a week ago I felt inspired to paint something big, colorful, and meaningful!


I took this big wood thing that's pretty much like a canvas and began with some yellow. My cat was walking all over my "canvas", so took the advantage of painting his paws of pink so he could leave his mark hehe


After that, a bomb of colors and creativity exploded. I used blue, Violet, pink, purple, red, and a little bit of green for the background.


Then I painted a rule with the blue paint and with that made some random lines all over the "canvas". Also, with a wet toothbrush and several colors (individually) I made drops of colors that looked like stars.


Because of all the paint I had madly thrown to the canvas, Billie Jean's paws Mark's were barely visible, so I brought him to my room, painted his paws again and voilà (Delilah left her mark too)


Then I painted my lips and gave the canvas some kisses, with my painted fingertips made some points, and with the edge of the bowl I was eating cornflakes with, I made some yellow and light green circles. After that I had the feeling of doing something even messier, so I placed the"canvas" in a vertical position, and with a mix of water and paint I took a very wet brush and slid it in some places of the Canvas. Thanks to the wetness of the paint and to the position of the canvas, the paint would stream down... Cool, right? Oh, and also, with a pink lipstick, I made some spirals and some cute lines.


With the background done I was ready for the main drawing, but... What to do?
I tried to draw several dolls doing different things, with different poses but none of those worked. So, I found myself staring at a picture of me singing... To simple from the outside, but what if I could let them know what's inside this singer, huh?
It hit me, so I made the first sketch quickly before I forgot my idea


Then I lined it with a thin brush and black paint



Already deliniated, I painted the year. I wanted it to be like a zipper to the outer space or something, so I painted it blue and made it some stars. Then I did the same I did with the wet water with the golden paint, the difference is that this time I had to blow the paint so it could stream downwards. I also gave the moon inside the flower its first layer of paint (white).

I realized how flat the painting looked, so I made a border with pink to give it style, depth and distinction at the same time. 2 layer of paint to the moon (watered golden).


Then I made the shadows and lights of the face. The blush was made with red lipstick.


Then, with watered paint I gave the things above the head of the doll different shades so they would highlight a bit. Also, with a palette knife I gave some golden details to the open book where the doll is coming out from.


And... Tadaaaaaaa!
I think those are all the steps, and details I made. I won't speak about each of the things that crown the doll cause it would make this post endless hahaha, so I'll let you guess. Most of the thing I did where improvised, so sorry if I'm forgetting some. All I know is that I made this painting with so much love and that I liked the result!


What do you think? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments 🤗

Thanks for stopping by!

Stay true to yourself, always with a smile on your face



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