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Today my nose bled for the very first time. It may sound irrelevant, but it was the key for everything...


It was 8:00am and I woke up hungry and wanting to write a post, but my mom was still sleeping and I don't usually work good without eating, so I took a banana. I gave it a bite, and then felt the necessity of blowing my nose (I'm going through a little flu), so I took my handkerchief, blew and when I saw it... Blood... It was the reddest blood I had seen in my life, so trying to stay calm I walked towards my father and showed him. He told me to clean my nose carefully and to put a bit of cotton inside it. I followed his instructions and suddenly felt inspired to draw something red. I thought about Stranger Things, how Eleven's nose bled everytime she used her powers (Maybe my powers had finally arrived?) "what if I draw Eleven only with my red marker?" I thought, and it wasn't such a bad idea, so I googled a picture of her, and began with my pencil... It was terrible. "Let's draw just a red face. Any face". But this time, I wanted to do it with the marker at once.


1st try: A bad shadowing technique ruined the first sketch of the face. Ergo: garbage
2nd try: After working with much care, I found a lazy-eyed doll staring at me. Lazy-eyed people are very nice, but my lazy-eyed people drawings aren't, so ... Trash
3rd try: This one I did it at a notebook page in case it was bad again... And God, it was a good choice 'cause the line I made to begin with the nose was everything but a nose.

Then I thought: "what if I draw myself?"

I took my phone and was searching for the pictures of when I sang at the 6th graders graduation, but as I was scrolling down I saw one of the pictures my friend Rixon took of me while I was admiring the beauty of the sky at the celebration of my high school diploma... It was as if the picture called me and told me "Yeah, babe. I'm the one" and indeed it was!


With all the concentration possible I started making the dress's shape with the marker at once, which I regretted just a second when I realized I looked too fat. I fixed it a bit (not enough) and decided to ignore it. It didn't convince me completely, which is why I didn't take pics of the process, but in the end, when I showed the result to my mom and she was: :0, I thought: "ok, maybe is not that bad"


To fix the fact that I looked fatter than what I am, I thought of cutting the drawing and paste it in another paper, but that paper needed to have something special, a worthy background...

... How about something like... My aura?

For that I used paints, lipsticks, a toothbrush, my fingers, my lips, markers, brushes, a pencil, a ruler, and water. Not all of those things appear in the picture because some came spontaneously.

Of this I did took some process pictures:



It was a very fun thing to do, and my playlist was on my side giving me the best rock songs to work with (Rush's working man, Guns and Roses's Sweet Child o' Mine, etc.)

See all that came for just bleeding through my nose? Wow


What do you think? Let me know in the comments!
Now, if you excuse me, I'll go finish my banana. Hugs!

Thanks for stopping by!

Stay true to yourself, always with a smile on your face


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