A Very Special Birthday Gift | Singing to a Pretty Girl

Hello, Dear Hivers | Hola, Queridos Hivers

Yesterday I went to the birthday party of the beautiful @andrea.carolina, and it was a very sensitive and lovely experience!

Her cousin, @sofiaquino98, hired me to sing a few songs from the singer Joaquina at Andrea's birthday party. I never heard of Joaquina before, and since she's a new artist It was pretty hard to find the chords and the lyrics of her songs, but thankfully I found them, and my ear helped a bit.

Joaquina is a very talented girl, just like the birthday girl, who sang with me the songs her cousin dedicated her from the distance with so much love!

The first song I sang was "Primer Amor" (first love). A cute ballad that speaks of how a girl feels after losing her first love. Here's the video, I hope you like it!

Thanks for stopping by!

Stay true to yourself, always with a smile on your face


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