Part 2 - A Very Special Birthday Gift | Singing to a Pretty Girl

Hello, Dear Hivers | Hola, Queridos Hivers

This Friday I went to the birthday party of the beautiful @andrea.carolina, and it was a very moving and lovely experience!

Since 3Speak doesn't allow me to upload more than 1 video in the same post, here I bring you the other song I sang to the birthday girl. As I told you in the other posts, Andrea's cousin, @sofiaquino98, hired me to sing a few songs by singer Joaquina at her cousin's birthday party.

In this one I wanted her to sing too, because it was very special since she was turning 16, and the song talks about what it feels like to be 16. So, here's our "16" version, I hope you enjoy it šŸ˜

Thanks for stopping by!

Stay true to yourself, always with a smile on your face


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