Celebrating My High School Diploma

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This last week has been pretty intense, busy and funny at the same time... Let's move to it's third part


The Celebration

After the commencement ceremony, my uncle took us home and there my mom and I changed of outfits, hehe


We had planned to go to CC Hiper Galerías to have lunch, and then call my friends to come and spend a good time together in such a special day. My mother also invited 2 of her friends and one of her friends' sons, and they're like part of the family, so I really liked they came.

We ate a pizza Margarita with cheese, jam, and corn (the cheapest and most delicious posible, haha.), and then told my friends to join us upstairs...


We have a friend who sells appetiers, so my mother ordered some from... And I mean a whole plate hahaha. So we shared them and then went to the terrace to take some pictures and see what to do next.

Yes, I close my eyes in this photo hahahaha...

This time it was not me hahahaha...


Our plan was to go bowling, but for some reason that place was closed (maybe because being so expensive, it was usually empty and it probably went bankrupt), so after many many picture my mom said: "hmmm Let's go to Bliss(a bar)"




There I had the time of my life!!


I drank beer with my friends for the first time, and there was a stage so my mother asked one of the waitresses if we could sing (all my friends are from the choir) and thankfully she said yes!


First I sang "Torn" by Nathalie Imbruglia, then other 3 songs in Spanish. We thought it was enough, so we sat down, but a friend of my mom asked me to do fondo blanco (bottoms up) so... We owed the place that night hahaha.

We sang from Pablo Alborán to Disney princesses songs hahaha, it was really really great! I did not want the day to end.

My mother and her friends (My mothers)

After such a splendid night, my mother and I went to Michelle's, one of my mother's friends. I have been learning chess for some weeks learning with an app, so when I have the chance I okay chess with Michy's little boy, and of course, he always check mates me, but guess what?... I DID CHECK MATE THAT NIGHT! It was fantastic! Hahaha...


In my following posts I'll upload the videos of the karaoke session with my friends! Meanwhile...

Thanks for stopping by!

Stay true to yourself, always with a smile on your face



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